Achieving Women’s Equality | Scottish Labour Party

Scottish Labour Consultation Paper “Achieving Women’s Equality

Scottish Labour have launched our Achieving Women’s Equality consultation.

You can read the document here:

Equalities Spokesperson Rhoda Grant MSP has written a piece on LabourHame about the consultation:

Here is Kezia Dugdale’s foreword to the document:

“Scottish Politics is changing.

“The struggle for women to gain the right to vote is nearing its centenary. Since woman’s suffrage in the early 20th century much has been achieved.

“The introduction of the National Minimum Wage; creating tax credits; increasing maternity and paternity leave; pension credits; the expansion of childcare and the implementation of the Equality Act.

“Three out of four of the leaders of the Scottish Parliament’s largest parties are women.  Cross party support exists for the Women 50:50 Campaign and the Scottish Government has committed to a gender-balanced cabinet.

“But equal representation will not deliver the changes we need to see to improve the lives of women in Scotland. Just as having a female Prime Minister did not signal the achievement of equality for women in the early 1980s, nor does a female First Minister in post in Scotland today.

“Every achievement for women has been a battle which has had to be fought and won. It isn’t enough to point at women in positions of power and claim we can assume all is now equal.  Too many institutional barriers still stand in the way of talented women and to ignore this gives credence to the lie that “if you are good enough, and work hard enough, you can achieve anything”.

“Nicola Sturgeon is the first female First Minister. The Scottish Government now publishes an annual Equality Budget Statement to accompany the Scottish Budget. But this is not enough.

“In Scotland, 1 in 4 women will still face gender-based violence.

“Too many women remain in low-skilled, low paid and part time work.

“Not enough women are going into key jobs or sectors like science and engineering.

“And we still don’t equally recognise female dominated professions such as a nursing and carer workers.

“85% of Scottish Councils do not report having enough childcare provision for parents working full time.

“Scottish Labour is committed to challenging discrimination, tackling the imbalance of power and continuing to lift women out of poverty.

“We have set out just some of our vision at our conference in Perth. Now we want to hear from you.”

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