Knightswood Community Centre to Come under Community Management

Motion S4M-14041: Anne McTaggart, Glasgow, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 25/08/2015

That the Parliament congratulates the organisers of the new community ownership project at the Knightswood Community Centre, which is due to come under community management in October 2015, after it is transferred from Glasgow Life; believes that this is one of the largest and busiest facilities of its type in Glasgow; understands that the centre is open seven days-a-week and offers a wide variety of classes to people of all ages, including Zumba classes, knitting clubs, slimming classes, dog training and lapidary; notes that various repairs are taking place prior to the transfer of the facility, including work to the roof, windows and car park and that there are plans to establish a bustling, vibrant cafe in the facility; considers that this will be a huge achievement when the centre comes under community management as it plays an integral part in the lives of local residents of all ages; hopes that the centre will cater for the needs of local people, and wishes the management and staff every success in the future.

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1 Response to Knightswood Community Centre to Come under Community Management

  1. Rosie Bell says:

    Well done, ms McTaggart! We should see some big improvements now! xxxx


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