Glasgow MSP Travels to Canada to Discuss Youth Engagement In Politics

Canada picture 2

With other Parliamentarians from across the Commonwealth

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart MSP recently attended the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s (CPA) Parliamentary Seminar in Ottawa, Canada.

The CPA’s common mission is to promote knowledge and understanding of parliamentary democracy in all its aspects.

The topic of this year’s Parliamentary Seminar was strengthening ‘Democracy and the Role of Parliamentarians; Challenges and Solutions.’

Alongside this, Ms. McTaggart was invited to present to delegates her views on how all Parliamentary democracies can improve their engagement with young voters to ensure more representative democracies in future.

Ms. McTaggart said:

“I was thrilled to attend this year’s Parliamentary seminar. In addition to hearing a broad range of views and policy ideas, I was also able to present to my Parliamentary colleagues my thoughts on youth engagement in politics.

“After the referendum, we in Scotland have seen an increased engagement from our young people in the political process, which is something I am committed to continuing. In a recent debate at the Scottish Parliament, I argued the case for 16 & 17 year olds to be able to vote in the EU Referendum and was disappointed to see a Labour amendment to the EU Referendum Bill which would have enabled this defeated in the House of Commons.

“I know that all of my colleagues share this view, across all political parties, and initiatives such as the recent launch of Holyrood Rocks, a Scotland-wide music project which seeks to improve young voter turnout in the Scottish Parliament elections are crucial in continuing that good work.”

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