Glasgow MSP Wants More Support for Carers

Scottish Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has backed more support for carers in Glasgow.

Ms McTaggart will back amendments to the Carers Bill to beef up the powers of the Care Inspectorate.

Under Scottish Labour plans the Care Inspectorate will be given responsibility for inspecting the standards and provision of carer services across Scotland.

This will mean that support groups, information and advice centres for carers meet a national standard.

There are an estimated 59,879 carers in Glasgow. Anne McTaggart MSP said that too often carers feel isolated, and that Labour’s plans will deliver the extra support carers deserve.

Speaking during Carers Week, Ms McTaggart called on Scotland’s other political parties to back their plans.

Ms McTaggart said: 

“Carers Week is one of the most important weeks of the year, as for too long the work of Scotland’s unpaid carers goes unrecognised and unsupported.

“Carers UK estimate that Scotland’s carers save Scotland £10 billion a year, the absolute least we can deliver is more support for the estimated 59,879 carers in Glasgow and across Scotland.

“That’s why I will be voting to beef up the powers of the Care Inspectorate, to make them responsible for carers services and support. I am calling on the other political parties at Holyrood to put people before politics and deliver a better deal for Scotland’s carers”


Find attached estimate for number of carers per constituency according to 2011 census figures

Carers Week runs from June 8 to June 14, for more information see

Carers Week runs from June 8 to June 15, for more information see
Scottish Labour’s will amend the Carers Bill to:

  • Give  the Care Inspectorate responsibility over inspecting carers’ services
  • Place a statutory obligation on local authorities to deliver annual reports on  carers’ support and services

Scottish Labour are committed to ensuring young carers get the support they need and deserve: 

  • Fully commit to Scottish Youth Parliament Care. Fair. Share Campaign;
  • Changing EMA Guidance so carers are guaranteed not to lose EMA due attendance issues.
  • Extending SAAS dependency grants so carers get an extra £2640 per year when in High Education.
  • Extending Young Scot concessionary travel to young adult carers until 25.
  • Investigate what other measures can be introduced to help young carers access to education.


Facts on carers in Scotland

  • According to the Carers UK report “Valuing Carers 2011: Calculating the value of carers’ support” the value of the care provided by Scotland’s carers is £10.3bn per annum.
  • There are an estimated 759,000 carers aged 16+ in Scotland – 17% of the adult population
  • There are an estimated 29,000 young carers in Scotland – 4% of the child population (aged 4-15)

Source – Scotland’s Carers 


Carers’ Employment 

56% of carers are employed or self-employed.

Source – Scotland’s Carers


Carers’ Health

  • 7% of carers report their health to be ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’
  • Of those caring for more than 50 hours per week, 14% reported their health to be ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’.
  • 41% of carers said that they had a long-term condition or illness and this rose in line with care hours provided
  • 22% of younger carers (aged under 25) had a long-term condition or disability. This is twice the rate for non-carers (11%)
  • 6% of carers report having a long term mental health problem. This compares to 4% of non-carers.
  • Carers who provide more than 35 hours per week are significantly more likely to have lower mental wellbeing scores and exhibit signs of a possible psychiatric disorder than non-carers and those providing fewer hours of care
  • Those most at risk of psychological distress and poor mental wellbeing are carers in more demanding care situations, providing higher levels of caring over extended period and co-resident/spousal carers and women are also at risk  

Source – Scotland’s Carers

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