Anne McTaggart MSP on TTIP – “Our Public Services & Democratic Principles Are Not Up For Trade”


Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has voiced her concerns over the proposed new transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA.

Ms McTaggart, Scottish Labour’s Shadow Minister for Europe and International Development and a member of the European and External Relations Committee, was speaking in a debate at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 29 April.

While acknowledging that TTIP could pave the way for numerous economic benefits for Glasgow and Scotland, Ms McTaggart highlighted concerns that it could undermine the regulation of goods, soften environmental and labour protections, and force privatisation.

She also spoke about the role that the European and External Relations Committee have played in monitoring the progress of TTIP, and repeated her commitment to protect the NHS in any deal.

Speaking in the debate Ms McTaggart said “I share the concerns of the committee, my colleagues in the chamber and my constituents in Glasgow over TTIP. I have signed a pledge to protect the NHS from it and believe that we should support a deal only if it fully protects our public services, particularly the NHS.

“Although the negotiations fall on the reserved powers list and the Scottish Government does not have any formal role in the agreement, it is still essential that the policies set under TTIP are as beneficial to Scotland as they are to the rest of the UK and the EU.

“I hope that the Scottish Government will work alongside the UK Government to call for far greater transparency, ensure that voters’ interests are protected fully and that voters receive the maximum benefits, and address any and all concerns that TTIP may bring.”

You can read Ms McTaggart’s speech here.

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