Anne McTaggart MSP Welcomes Future Fund for Glasgow’s Young People

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has welcomed Scottish Labour’s Future Fund – a new deal for Scotland’s young people, announced by Jim Murphy at Scottish Labour conference.

The Future Fund will invest £1600 for every 18 or 19 year old in Glasgow who isn’t currently at university, college or in a modern apprenticeship.

The money will be available to invest in relevant training, setting up a business, or buying work tools.

The fund will also act as a powerful incentive to employers to take on young people as they will come with £1,600 of training support.

Ms McTaggart said:

“This fund is an incredible opportunity for the young people of Glasgow. For too long our young people who aren’t in education or training have been ignored by governments in Westminster and Holyrood.

“This investment will let young people set their own path in life, giving them the money they need to invest in their future and become masters of their own destiny.

“Scottish Labour are the only party committed to helping Scotland’s young people make the most of their potential.”

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy said:

“Parents worry that their kids won’t have the chances they had when they were growing up. That the next generation’s horizons have become more narrow, more limited.

“Young Scots in Higher Education get an average of £1600 spent on their fees.

“But what of those thousands who don’t go to university, or who don’t get an investment through a place at college or an apprenticeship?

“They shouldn’t get left behind. They deserve the same support to fulfil their potential.

“We want to redress the balance to help those young people who want to enter the world of work straight from school.

“The Future Fund will also act as a powerful incentive to employers to take on young people who come with £1,600 of training support attached to them.”


Future Fund – £65.2m

The amount spent on average per Higher Education student per year in tuition fees is approximately £1,600

We believe that young Scots who don’t have the opportunity to go to University deserve support.

This proposal makes the same amount open to 18 & 19 year olds who are not at university, college or undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship.

Every young person will be able to receive up to £1,600 investment in training for one year. That money will be tied to furthering their skills, preparedness for work or setting up a business.

This is available for one year.

If someone attends Further Education or Higher Education or is undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship they will not be entitled to the £1,600 as they will already be benefitting from learning that will help them gain skills and boost their employment chances.

Young people could use the fund to access training courses and other learning opportunities that will help young people to boost their skills base and help their employment prospects.

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