The People’s NHS Board

Signing the People's NHS Pledge Board, and meeting with David Martin MEP

Signing the People’s NHS Pledge Board, and meeting with David Martin MEP

This week I was pleased to pledge my support to  the Peoples NHS crucial campaign calling for the exemption of the NHS from TTIP.

Scottish Labour want to robustly protect the National Health Service from competitive tendering from private companies. It is important to note nothing in EU trade agreements can force privatisation: this can only be done by the Scottish Government for the NHS in Scotland.

Nonetheless, we strongly agree that all available protections for public services including our NHS should be taken in TTIP as they have always been taken by previous governments in existing EU trade agreements. Scottish Labour MSPs are working with Labour MEPs in the European Parliament to secure this exemption. Indeed, in my role as Shadow Minister for Europe and International Development I was pleased to be able to discuss this with David Martin MEP recently.

Labour has made it clear that we have a number of priorities for any such agreement: this includes the protection of our NHS. We support Unite the Union’s calls to protect the NHS from any changes that could risk any privatisation of our NHS.

Scottish Labour will continue to campaign for The People’s NHS and exert pressure on the Government to exempt the NHS from TTIP.

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