Glasgow MSP backs CHILDREN 1ST

Children 1st edit
In response to the publication of a report by children’s charity CHILDREN 1ST, Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has resolved to help Scotland’s children’s wishes come true in 2015.

The report gathered nearly 600 wishes from children and families, supported by the charity and its staff and volunteers who presented them to MSPs and decision makers. Wishes range from everything from “stopping abuse” to having “a flying pony” and highlight the difficulties and threats facing children, as well as their hopes and dreams.

When asked what would make Scotland a better place to live one 11-year-old girl said: “I wish there is no violence.” Another said: “I wish to win the lottery so there’s enough food for my family.” Many of the children simply requested opportunities to play.

Ms McTaggart said “When I first read these wishes of some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, I felt saddened, then angry and finally, determined. How can Scotland claim to be the best place for children to grow up when in the 21st Century when children still wish to be safe from violence, to do something as simple as visit a park or play a board game with their family and to have enough to eat?

“The report also showed how aspirational and thoughtful our children are. They want to help the world to be a better place, wishing for world peace and for children and animals to be treated better.

“Everyone should read this report and think about what more they can do to help the wishes of Scotland’s children come true. Every child deserves the best start in life. No child should be growing up in fear of abuse and violence. We can help by supporting children’s charities like CHILDREN 1ST and by doing small things ourselves for children we know or who live in our area. I’ll be thinking hard about what I can resolve to do in 2015 to make Scotland’s wishes come true”

Wishes for Scotland’s children can be downloaded here.

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