Anne McTaggart MSP Backs Fair Rent Campaign

Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart has backed a new campaign for a fairer deal for private renters.

Shelter Scotland’s “Make Renting Right” campaign has called to reform the sector to make it work for both the people who live in rented housing, and landlords who let out their properties.

Earlier this year, Ms McTaggart supported proposals by Scottish Labour to reform the private rented market. The proposals including a cap on rent rises to stop tenants being ripped off by landlords, as well as more secure tenancies.

The Glasgow MSP believes the moves would have made a difference to over 42,000 private renters in Glasgow.

The proposals were blocked by the SNP and the Tories but Anne McTaggart MSP believes that it is crucial to reform the market with over 100,000 Scots in the private rented sector living in poverty.

Ms McTaggart said “I am delighted to support Shelter Scotland’s ‘Make Renting Right’ campaign. Reform of the market is long overdue.

“There are over 42,000 private renters in Glasgow, many of whom are trapped in the private rented sector, unable to access social housing or get on the property ladder.

“The Housing Act earlier this year was a missed opportunity to make a difference to people feeling the stress of a cost of living crisis. I supported reforming the market with a fair rent cap and more secure tenancies.

“The SNP voted with the Tories against a fairer deal for private tenants in Scotland. They were wrong to do so. We must make renting more affordable. People in Glasgow and across Scotland deserve a home, not just a roof over their heads.”

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