Organ Donation Bill Consultation Launched


Anne McTaggart MSP has today welcomed the launch of the consultation on the proposed Organ and Tissue Donation (Scotland) Bill. The consultation is being launched in connection with a draft proposal which Ms McTaggart has lodged as the first stage in the process of introducing a Private Members Bill in the Scottish Parliament which would see the introduction of an Opt-out system of organ donation in Scotland. 

The purpose of the consultation is to provide a range of views on the subject matter of the proposed Bill, highlighting potential problems, identifying equalities issues, suggesting improvements, considering financial implications and, in general, assisting in ensuring that the resulting legislation is fit for purpose.  The consultation process will close on the 25th September 2014 at 5pm, following which responses will be analysed. 

Ms McTaggart said “I’m delighted that the consultation is now open and people have the opportunity to offer their views on this vitally important issue. I truly believe that the strong evidence in favour of reform will secure broad support for my proposal to adopt an opt-out system of organ donation in Scotland. With this reform we could seriously tackle the shortage of organs available for transplant in Scotland which would ultimately save lives. 

My proposal has the support of the major health charities including the British Heart Foundation, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians, the Scottish Kidney Federation and the British Liver Trust amongst others. Indeed, most people in Scotland support a “soft, opt-out system” of organ donation. A survey undertaken in early 2012 by the Scottish Government demonstrated that only 5% of the population oppose organ donation in principle, and yet less than 40% of us are registered as organ donors. 

It is crucial that an important proposal such as this is subject to a broad consultation. I’m eager to gather views from as many people as possible, regardless if they support the proposals or not. I would therefore urge people to respond to the consultation and encourage others to do so as well. I would of course be happy to meet with organisations or individuals who have a particular interest in this issue to discuss my proposals further.” 

You can read the consulation by clicking here.

You can also provide your views on the consultation document by completing this online survey.

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