McTaggart Urges Scottish Government to Employ Anti-Blacklisting Measures

Anti Blacklisting

Anne McTaggart MSP has urged the Scottish Government to employ anti-blacklisting measures in the upcoming Procurement Reform Bill, and has asked that they rethink commissioning companies that have used Blacklisting: including for the high profile Forth replacement crossing.

Ms McTaggart spoke in Neil Findlay MSP’s Members Debate on the subject of Blacklisting on Thursday 2nd May 2013.

Anne McTaggart praised Mr Findlay for securing time in the chamber to discuss the disgraceful practices of some of the best known names in the construction industry, and also for his tireless campaigning to achieve justice for those that had been left unemployable as a result of their trade union activities.

There were 582 workers had their employment terminated due to their membership of a trade union, for holding political views not shared by their employers, or for raising real and important concerns about health and safety practices. Anne stated that these workers were illegally penalised for this in a clandestine manner that reflects neither the society we live in, nor the way business should be conducted in Scotland.

Anne McTaggart MSP said:

“The blacklisting of construction workers by private companies meant that hundreds of workers were denied the chance to make a living and provide for their families.

“I support my colleagues in asking the Scottish Government to review their procurement processes, and hope they reconsider the involvement of companies in the building of the forth replacement crossing who have been major participants in this blacklisting scandal. This is a significant, high profile project, and we should be using it to showcase the best of Scottish industry, not to support the business of clandestine law-breakers with profits from taxpayers.

“I also urge the Scottish Government to act upon the recommendations from Members across this Chamber that anti-blacklisting measures are included in the upcoming Procurement Reform Bill. In legislating against the tendering for future contracts by blacklisting companies, we assure Scots that they live in a society that values and supports working people.”

You can watch Anne’s contribution to the debate here at 07.40

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