McTaggart Remembers Mary Barbour in Parliament Debate

Glasgow region MSP Anne McTaggart was delighted to celebrate the life of Glasgow’s first female councillor Mary Barbour in the Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber today (23/05).

Ms McTaggart received cross-party support for her motion congratulating a formal group, led by former MP Maria Fyfe, on their founding to erect a monument to commemorate Mary Barbour.

Mrs Barbour organised tenant committees and local women in order to resist evictions, and is most well known for her role in the Glasgow rent strikes.

She campaigned on and supported numerous issues including the introduction of municipal banks, wash-houses, laundries and baths; a pure milk supply free to schoolchildren, child welfare centres and play areas, home helps, and pensions for mothers.

Ms McTaggart congratulated efforts to build a monument in honour of Mary Barbour by a formal group chaired by former MP Maria Fyfe.

Anne McTaggart MSP said:

“Mary Barbour was – and remains to this day – an absolute inspiration.

“Not only was she the first female councillor for the Labour party in Glasgow, but she worked exceptionally hard for the people of this city before, during and after her time as an elected member.

“The case for a permanent monument to commemorate the achievements of Mary Barbour is compelling. As we move towards sourcing funding for our monument, we must remember not only the significance of this for Govan, Glasgow, and the legacy of Mary Barbour. It is significant in highlighting the widerabsence of memorials to historically significant women.”


– To read the original motion in full, click here

– Ms McTaggart’s debate was held in the Parliament’s Debating Chamber on Thursday 23rd May 2013 after FMQs at 12.30pm

– To find the Remember Mary Barbour Facebook page, click here

– For further information please contact

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