Glasgow MSP slams SNP over Child Poverty

Commenting on a debate on Child Poverty in the Scottish Parliament yesterday (27 March), Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart said:

“It is disgraceful that 160,000 children in Scotland live in poverty. Glaswegians will therefore rightly ask why the SNP has cut £1 billion from poverty reduction programmes and put only £2.5million back in.

“What is worse than that is the fact that they have made the same announcement, about the same pocket of funding, twice in one month.  This is shameful and a blatant attempt to fool people into thinking they are taking meaningful action to reduce poverty when this is simply not the case. The £2.5million equates to about 15p per child per week. It is a tiny amount of money for such a big problem and they must do more.

“The White Paper on independence mentions flags more than it does child poverty. The SNP simply can’t be taken seriously on this issue. Under Labour across the UK one million children were lifted out of poverty, 200,000 in Scotland alone. Under Alex Salmond, all that progress has stalled.

“We need to tackle the scandal of child poverty and Scottish Labour is committed to picking up where we left off by lifting 100,000 Scottish children out of poverty.”

The Scottish Government announcement can be found here.

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