Glasgow MSP pleased with payday loan advertising ban

debtbusters 2

Anne McTaggart has backed the announcement by the Scottish Government this week that the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games have banned payday loan companies from advertising at the games.

Responding to a question from Labours Kezia Dugdale MSP on the issue, the Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport Shona Robison stated that to advertise at the Games, the advertising activity should either be by an official Games sponsor or fall within a list of permitted categories and payday loan companies meet neither of these requirements.

Ms McTaggart said “As a supporter of the Debtbusters campaign, I’m really pleased that the Commonwealth Games will be free from the adverts of these predatory companies.

Following the ‘12 Days of Debtmas’ campaign, Ed Miliband’s promise to curb the powers of payday lenders and the continued expansion of Credit Unions, I am confident that the fight against these unscrupulous lenders will be a success.”  

Read Kezia Dugdale MSPs question and reply here.


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