April Parliamentary Motions

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Motion Number: S4M-06527
Date Lodged: 09/05/2013

Congratulations to Urban Roots on its Greener Together Community Award

That the Parliament congratulates the community-led organisation, Urban Roots, which, it understands, has been given a Greener Together Community Award in recognition of its work across the south side of Glasgow; notes that three of the five award winners were Glasgow-based and that the accolade is based on how well organisations bring greener living to life; believes that Urban Roots evolved from the Toryglen Gardening Club, which was founded in 2004 by people sharing a desire to improve their area; understands that it promotes green projects that help to improve the environment and health in the area and addresses the causes of climate change, and believes that Urban Roots is a fantastic example of a Glasgow community initiative that brings people together and encourages pro-environmental lifestyle choices as part of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.

Commonwealth Games Federation, UNICEF and Glasgow 2014 Partnership

That the Parliament commends the launch of a partnership between UNICEF, the Commonwealth Games Federation and Glasgow 2014,  which will work to improve the lives of children in Scotland and in Commonwealth countries across the world; understands that this collaboration aims to inspire young people to be the best that they can be and promote the rights of children to healthcare, education and local services; recognises that this initiative is supported by the UNICEF Ambassadors, Ewan McGregor and David Beckham, alongside the Olympic athlete, Nicola Adams, who attended the launch of the partnership at Swinton Primary School in Glasgow; considers that the initiative will benefit children not only in Scotland but across the UK and in each of the 54 member states of the Commonwealth; believes that this partnership will be a significant addition to the legacy created through hosting the 2014 Games, and wishes organisers and participants every success in achieving their aims of empowering young people and promoting children’s rights.

Motion S4M-06281
Date Lodged: 19/04/2013

St Constantine’s Primary School and Penilee Nursery School  Awards for All

That the Parliament congratulates St Constantine’s Primary School and Penilee Nursery School on being awarded £9,974 and £10,000 respectively by the Big Lottery Fund’s small grants scheme, Awards for All; understands that the two schools, which are based in the south side of Glasgow, will use the money to promote healthy living and improve their outdoor learning facilities; recognises that these funding decisions are based on public-benefit criteria; commends the efforts of pupils, parents and teachers in preparing what it considers was a strong case; appreciates the benefit that it believes this funding will bring to the wider school community, and wishes St Constantine’s Primary School and Penilee Nursery School every success in achieving their aims of promoting healthy living and active lifestyles.

Motion Number: S4M-06196
Date Lodged: 08/04/2013

Investment in Cernach Housing Association

That the Parliament congratulates Cernach Housing Association on its investment of £1.9 million to create new homes in Drumchapel in Glasgow; considers that this project will contribute to the regeneration of the area and provide much-needed social housing for some of those families worst affected by rising costs of living and growing unemployment; understands that Cernach Housing Association is a not-for-profit organisation that exists solely for the benefit of its tenants and since 1991 has grown to manage nearly 800 homes across Drumchapel; commends the work of staff and volunteers in ensuring that local people have access to quality housing at affordable rents, and considers the latest development at Dunkenny Road to be an invaluable addition to the work of Cernach Housing Association and hugely beneficial to communities in Drumchapel and throughout Glasgow.

March Parliamentary Motions

Motion Number: S4M-06002
Date Lodged: 19/03/2013

Camstradden Primary School Big Lottery Fund Win

That the Parliament congratulates Camstradden Primary School on securing £2,925 from the Big Lottery Fund; understands that the money will be used to organise and deliver extracurricular sports clubs in basketball, athletics and gymnastics; believes that this project meets the Awards for All outcomes of “people have better chances in life” and “people and communities are healthier”; further understands that the grant will contribute toward the cost of gymnastics coaching education for three people, transport to local events and festivals and the purchase of sports clothing, three crash mats, a trampet and a springboard, and hopes that many of Camstradden Primary School’s students will take this opportunity to try a new and exciting extracurricular sport.

Motion Number: S4M-05999
Date Lodged: 19/03/2013

Basketball for all at Drumchapel High School

That the Parliament congratulates Drumchapel High School on securing £2,175 from the Big Lottery Fund; understands that the money will fund an extracurricular basketball club for pupils aged 12 to 18; believes that this project meets the Awards for All outcomes “People have better chance in life” and “People and communities are healthier”; understands that the grant will contribute toward basketball hoops, transport, team clothing and basketballs, and hopes that many Drumchapel High School students will take advantage of what it considers this excellent opportunity to keep fit and learn new basketball skills.

Motion Number: S4M-05921
Date Lodged: 12/03/2013

Mary Barbour Commemoration

That the Parliament congratulates moves to build a monument in honour of Mary Barbour, Glasgow City Council’s first female councillor; understands that Barbour pioneered the city’s first family-planning clinic and pushed for major welfare changes, including free milk for schoolchildren, pensions for mothers, municipal banks, wash houses, laundries and public baths; understands that the former MP, Maria Fyfe, will chair a formal group involving all Glasgow City councillors local to Govan aimed at raising money for the monument; expresses disappointment that very few women are honoured by monuments in Scotland; considers that this is a fantastic way to celebrate the groundbreaking work that Barbour undertook, including in relation to the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (War Restrictions) Act 1915, which it understands she instigatated, and wishes the group every success in fundraising.

Motion Number: S4M-05945
Date Lodged: 13/03/2013

Celebration of Donald Dewar Centre’s 10th Anniversary

That the Parliament acknowledges that 16 March 2013 is the 10-year anniversary of the Donald Dewar Centre in Drumchapel; notes that the centre is marking its anniversary by holding an open day with over 22 activities available for all the family to participate in; praises the staff for running what it considers such an excellent centre at the heart of the Drumchapel community, and is proud that it carries the name of the first of the Parliament’s First Ministers.

Motion Number: S4M-05909
Date Lodged: 12/03/2013

Anniesland College Students’ Watercolour Win

That the Parliament congratulates the Anniesland College students, Marco McCulloch and Richard Cooper, on winning the top prize in the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour competition, in the students with additional needs category; understands that entrants were asked to produce a painting about “what Scotland means to you”; notes that both students are on the Creative Skills and Enterprise Course in Anniesland College’s Special Programmes department; further notes that the artists not only won prizes for themselves but won £100 for art materials in their department, and wishes Marco and Richard all the very best in their future endeavours.

Motion number: S4M-05900
Date Lodged:11/03/2013

Glasgow 2014 Baton Relay

That the Parliament welcomes the announcement of the Queen’s Baton Relay Route in celebration of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games; understands that the relay is described as a “unique element of the Commonwealth Games which unites the two billion citizens of the Commonwealth in a celebration of sport, diversity and peace”; considers that the relay will engage communities across every competing nation in the commonwealth and commends the decision of organisers to include Rwanda as part of the route for the first time in the history of the Games; considers that the baton relay will promote the Commonwealth Games and the host city of Glasgow throughout Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and South America and the Caribbean before returning to Europe; anticipates that the baton relay will be brought to towns, cities and villages across Scotland in the final 40 days before the beginning of the Games, and is encouraged by the growing enthusiasm for the international sporting event in Glasgow, Scotland and all across the Commonwealth.

Motion number: S4M-05874
Date Lodged: 07/03/2013

World Book Day 2013

That the Parliament recognises 7 March 2013 as World Book Day; understands that schools across Glasgow and the rest of Scotland are encouraging young people to take part in activities that promote reading as both fun and educational; recognises what it sees as the huge benefits that World Book Day has brought to Scotland in promoting Scottish literature and inspiring a new generation of authors; celebrates the aspiration of the organisers to create the “biggest book show on earth” and commends their efforts to engage over half a million children in events across 75 countries; is concerned, however, that one in 28 Scots cannot read or write and that many of them experience disadvantage and poverty; supports the work of organisations such as the National Literacy Trust and Learning Teaching Scotland to increase adult learning courses and improve literacy, and aspires to the goal that no individual in Scotland is ever again excluded from the events of World Book Day as a consequence of social exclusion, disadvantage or lack of access to basic educational resources.

Motion number: S4M-05797
Date Lodged: 01/03/2013

50,811 Applications for Glasgow 2014 

That the Parliament congratulates the organisers of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on attracting a record 50,811 applications from people wanting to be volunteers at this prestigious sporting event; notes that this is greater number than those who applied to be volunteers at the Melbourne 2006 and Manchester 2002 Games; believes that Glasgow 2014 is one of the first major sporting events to allow 16-year-olds to apply to be volunteers; understands that this has resulted in record levels of interest from young people across Scotland; commends the success of the organising committee in encouraging female participation, with 61% of the applications being made by women, and wishes the organisers, and each of the 50,811 potential volunteers, the very best of luck throughout the application process.

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