Anne McTaggart Responds to Scottish Government on Organ Donation

Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart has responded to a press release from the Scottish Government which highlights a 100% rise in organ donors in the past six years.

Ms McTaggart, who has recently called for the introduction of an opt-out system of organ donation in Scotland, said:

“Whilst I am delighted that the rates of organ donation in Scotland have increased in recent years, I remain convinced that an opt-out system would prove to be the most effective means of saving lives.

It is indisputable that the introduction of an opt-out system will result in more organs being available for transplant. We already know that the majority of people in Scotland have not registered as organ donors, despite research showing that up to 90% of people across the country support a system of presumed consent.

In order to truly tackle the crippling shortage of organs in Scotland we must adopt the Welsh model of presumed consent. This will dramatically increase the number of organs available to the terminally ill, whilst allowing those who do not wish to donate the opportunity to remove their name from the register.

The progress made through increasing the number of people registered as organ donors is commendable, but would be eclipsed by the advancements made through introducing an opt-out system.

I am eager to bring forward a members bill on the introduction of the opt-out system in Scotland, so that Parliament will have the opportunity to look at the strong evidence in support of change.

I am hopeful that the progress announced today by the Scottish Government will be repeated in the future, as a consequence of introducing this long-awaited reform of organ donation in Scotland.”

The Scottish Governments press release can be read here.

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