Anne McTaggart MSP supports the Dearest Scotland Campaign

Earlier this month, Anne McTaggart MSP showed her support for the Dearest Scotland campaign during Bill Kidd MSPs Member’s Business Debate on the 13th of August.

Dearest Scotland is a project that focuses on crowdsourcing a vision for the future of Scotland. It has been put together by Sarah Drummond, Lauren Currie, and Cat Cochrane who aim to get the citizens of Scotland to write letters that start with Dearest Scotland, expressing their vision for Scotland. These will be published on their website, made into a book of letters, as well as presented at an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament.

Ms McTaggart said “I understand that the dearest Scotland campaign is based in Glasgow Clyde College and has already engaged a huge number of people in a mass letter-writing campaign. I took time to read a selection of the submissions in the online archive. The letters reflect an incredibly broad range of views on the kind of Scotland that people want to see.

“I appreciate that the campaign is politically neutral, and I was reassured to note that people from all sides of the referendum debate are encouraged to contribute and that the online archive contains a variety of views about how Scotland can best prosper and succeed in the 21st century.

“I encourage all members to make a thoughtful contribution to the dearest Scotland campaign and to share the project with their friends, families and constituents. Only by ensuring that a broad range of voices contributes ideas about Scotland’s prospects can we build a genuinely representative vision for the future.”

More information about the project can be found here.

You can read Ms McTaggart’s full speech here.

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