Anne McTaggart MSP supports ‘Check it, don’t regret it’ campaign

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has thrown her support behind Citizens Advice Scotland’s ‘Check it, don’t regret it’ used cars campaign. Used cars is the number one issue cited by customers using the CAS consumer helpline, who dealt with 4774 complaints about used cars between October 2012 and September 2013.

The campaign is aimed at helping people avoid buying a faulty used car. It is a month long campaign which was launched on the 4th November during National Consumer week and is urging people buying a used car to follow their advice to help assess whether the car is safe and legal.  

Ms McTaggart said “Buying a car is a serious financial outlay for most people and getting it wrong in the used car market can be a costly and dangerous mistake. The vast majority of the 7 million used cars sold in the UK annually are done so in good faith and are in good condition. However, there are far too many cases where this doesn’t happen.

Cars are essential for individuals and families to carry out their everyday lives therefore consumers need to be well informed when buying a used car. I would urge anyone who is considering buying a used car to consult CAS’s checklist to make sure they are in the best position to get a good deal. If something does go wrong, then CAS is there to offer quality advice to people.”

CAS Top 10 tips

  • Check MOT certificate – indicates if car is roadworthy
  • Check service history – shows if car has been maintained
  • Check V5 registration document – shows if car is stolen
  • Check if car is a write off – helps you know what you are buying
  • Check finance history – ensures car doesn’t have an outstanding hire purchase agreement
  • Test drive – to make sure the car is right for your needs
  • Walk around check – for signs the car isn’t what it seems
  • Get engineer’s check – shows condition of car and any hidden dangers
  • Check price value guide – indicates reasonable price to pay
  • Check car is not recalled – shows if car was recalled for safety reasons by manufacturer

You can read more about the ‘Check it, don’t regret it’ campaign here.

Citizens Advice consumer helpline – 08454 040506.

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