Anne McTaggart MSP Signs Gold Standard Ticket for Epilepsy Care in Awareness Week

Epilepsy Consortium Scotland

Anne McTaggart MSP was happy to show her support for new SIGN national guidelines on managing epilepsy in adults by signing a gold standard ticket on Wednesday 21st May.  She took part in a Sign up to SIGN group photo in the Garden Lobby, held by the Epilepsy Consortium Scotland (ECS) to promote forthcoming revised guidelines covering 50,000 adults with epilepsy and to highlight National Epilepsy Week which took place between 18-24 May. 

Ms McTaggart said: “Hundreds of my constituents are adults who have epilepsy. I want the very best care to be available to them and their families whenever they need it. I will be discussing with the local NHS board how they can do their best to ensure the latest SIGN guidelines are implemented. It will be helpful if we can meet this new gold standard in epilepsy care when it is launched after recess. 

I’m supporting National Epilepsy Week because this is a common, serious neurological condition which many of us still know little about. National Epilepsy Week is a good opportunity to do what I can to raise awareness of this important matter.”

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