Anne McTaggart MSP – “Rent Reform Crucial”

Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart has backed plans to reform the private rented sector in Scotland. Scottish Labour are proposing amendments to the Housing (Scotland) Bill to cap rent rises. There are 42,000 renters in Glasgow and Anne McTaggart MSP believes they have been ignored for too long. 

The Glasgow MSP is also backing proposals to make 3 years the market standard for renting tenure in Scotland, offering renters in Glasgow peace of mind in their homes. 

The SNP Government voted against these plans at the Stage 2 reading of the Housing Bill, but Scottish Labour will table them again for the third and final reading, and Anne McTaggart MSP said it is crucial they support them to deliver a fairer deal for families in Glasgow and across Scotland. 

Recent studies have shown that over 100,000 private rented households in Scotland live in poverty, and renters cut back on food and heating bills to pay rent. 

Anne McTaggart MSP said “We need to take action on this now. Nearly half of all private rented households are families with children and it is an absolute scandal that these families have to choose between heating and eating because of spiralling rent costs. 

Capping rent cost and offering greater security of tenure offers these families a home, not just a roof over their heads. 

There are 42,000 renters in Glasgow and we can deliver positive change for them now. The SNP were wrong to vote against these plans and I will campaign to see them delivered through the Housing Bill. It’s time to stand up for Scotland’s renting families.”

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