Anne McTaggart MSP – “Regeneration efforts must be community led”

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart this week called on the Scottish Government to adequately fund local authorities in order to ensure regeneration is a success across Scotland. Ms McTaggart made her calls during a debate on regeneration in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 27th May.

Ms McTaggart, who sits on the Local Government and Regeneration Committee, also stated that regeneration needs genuine community involvement in order to reverse the long-term decline of many of the town-centres in Scotland. She also stressed the need for longer term funding models and highlighted the fact that many local stakeholders are unsure about how to apply for the resources needed.

Concluding her speech Ms McTaggart saidIn my role as a member of the Local Government and Regeneration Committee, I have found the process of gathering evidence to be helpful in determining where our efforts should be focused. It has become clear that we need to strengthen the role of communities in the design and delivery of services and learn from the experiences of those who have worked with public bodies to bring regeneration projects to their local area.

Funding should be more readily available for groups that understand the nature of their communities and the means by which local issues can be addressed. I am confident that that approach will result in successful regeneration projects that have the ability to reverse long-term decline and to tackle trends of deprivation right across the country.”

Ms McTaggart’s speech can be read in full here.

You can watch Ms McTaggart’s full speech in the video below from 1 hour and 32 minutes onwards:

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