Anne McTaggart MSP on Bedroom Tax – ‘Don’t wait. There is a solution available now’

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Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has urged people who have been hit by the Bedroom Tax to apply to their local authority for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). This follows the news that the Scottish Government has written to all Scottish Councils making clear that money will be found for any DHP application for 2014/15.

Ms McTaggart, a long-standing campaigner against the hated Bedroom Tax, said:

“The Scottish Government has finally yielded to Scottish Labour and popular pressure and made funds available to effectively end the Bedroom Tax in Scotland.

“Previously, the SNP told everyone that they couldn’t do this. John Swinney said that he wanted to keep our most vulnerable at risk of losing their homes because he didn’t want to let Westminster “off the hook”. It was shocking to see the SNP play politics with our poorest.

“Scottish Labour offered the SNP a solution. Housing Associations and Labour councils had offered a way to protect all their tenants. Jackie Baillie, our social justice spokesperson had introduced a members bill to prevent any Bedroom Tax evictions in Scotland. Still, the SNP wouldn’t move. Finally, after huge pressure, the SNP relented. They have made the money available.

“We need to ensure that everyone affected knows that this money is available. Local Authorities need to make sure that those in need are getting this money. If you are affected by the Bedroom Tax –apply to your local council for these payments. Don’t wait – there is a solution available now.

“While Scottish Labour’s campaign to effectively end the Bedroom Tax in Scotland has been victorious, we need to get this awful tax repealed. We need it abolished properly and across the whole of Britain. The best way of doing that is to vote Labour next year, get a Labour government and repeal this hated tax.”


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