Anne McTaggart MSP delighted to be ‘Shoes Sister’

Anne shoes brothers 2

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart was delighted to join the ‘Shoes Brothers’ in Parliament recently to help tackle sectarianism.

Anne and a group of her fellow MSPs formed a flash mob outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 21stNovember to support the ‘Shoes Brothers’ film, the latest in a three part series which aims to challenge sectarian attitudes through positive examples, messages and dance.

The ‘Shoes Brothers’ duo, Father William Boyd of St Marys Church and Reverend Neil Urquhart of Fullarton Parish Church are clergymen from Irvine who have come together to try and bridge the gap between their communities. Their latest video, ‘A Bridge Too Far’, shows them dancing around the country in a number of famous costumes, including Buzz Lightyear and Darth Vader, diffusing racial, tribal and religious tensions with dancing and laughter.

Their project has been backed by Glasgow City Council’s Sense over Sectarianism and leading anti-sectarianism charity Nil by Mouth. 

Ms McTaggart, whose Holyrood office was invaded by the ‘Shoes Brothers’ in the video, said “I was delighted to be involved in this fantastic project. Father Boyd and Reverend Urquhart have done so much work over the past few years to try and unite their communities.  It is a fun and imaginative way to convey what is ultimately a very serious message; we need to rid our society of sectarianism.

Although great progress in the fight against sectarianism has been made in the last few years, in no small part due to the efforts of groups such as Nil by Mouth and Sense over Sectarianism, it is sadly still a problem that exists not only in Glasgow but right across Scotland. Education is the best way to combat this and that’s why people such as Father Boyd and Reverend Urquhart are so important going forward.”

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