Anne McTaggart MSP delighted to attend Keir Hardie Memorial Lecture

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has spoken of her delight at attending Uddingston and Bellshill Constituency Labour Party’s James Keir Hardie Memorial Lecture on Saturday 5th October.

Born in Newhouse, Lanarkshire, Keir Hardie was a miner, journalist and union leader who went on to be MP for both West ham South and Merthyr Tydfil before becoming the first parliamentary leader of the Labour Party.

Ms McTaggart said “Keir Hardie’s achievements in organising and leading a movement of working people that stood at odds with the established beliefs and realities of that time are astonishing and must never be forgotten. He laid the foundations of the Labour Party we know today and gave the working class a confidence and belief in their own power to change things for the better.

I would like to thank the Uddingston and Bellshill Constituency Labour Party for organising the event and continuing to keep Keir Hardies memory alive with events such as this and their annual memorial walk. Gregg McClymont MP also gave a fascinating lecture and I pay tribute to those who helped make this event a massive success. “

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