Anne McTaggart MSP Calls for Living Wage to be extended further

Anne McTaggart MSP has called for the living wage to be extended to more workers in Glasgow after figures showed thousands of Glaswegians are in low paid jobs.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics indicate that nearly 55,000 people in Glasgow earn less than the living wage.

Anne McTaggart MSP, a long time campaigner for the living wage, has called for it to be extended to workers on public contracts via the Procurement Reform Bill, and has written to Scottish Ministers Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney to press the case. Scottish Labour will seek to amend the bill when it has its final reading in Holyrood soon.

The living wage is currently set at £7.65 an hour, and would mean a pay rise of over £2,600 to a full time worker on the minimum wage. Scotland spends £10 billion a year on public contracts, and Anne McTaggart MSP wants this money to deliver fairer pay for workers in Glasgow.

Anne McTaggart MSP said “These figures are hugely concerning, and underline why we need to extend the living wage to more workers as soon as possible in Glasgow. It is simply wrong that nearly 55,000 people in Glasgow are not given a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

Delivering the living wage will make a huge difference for people facing rising energy bills, mounting debts and spiralling child care costs. It will also improve our local economy, with more money being spent in Glasgow rather than going into the pockets of Chief Executives.

The SNP boast that they delivered the living wage for public sector staff. What they don’t tell you is that cleaning, catering and retail staff in their departments have their jobs subcontracted out, meaning they aren’t entitled to the living wage.

It is a disgrace that this low pay loophole exists. We need to close it to deliver better wages for working people in Glasgow and across Scotland.”

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