Anne McTaggart MSP calls for action to be taken on plastic mesh implants

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has called on the Scottish Government to suspend the use of polypropylene mesh medical devices in medical procedures in Scotland. Ms McTaggart made her calls following the presentation of a petition by the pressure group ‘Scottish Mesh Survivors’ to the Public Petitions Committee at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 3rd June.

Polypropylene mesh medical devices are implanted in women who experience bladder and prolapse problems, typically after pregnancy. The petition, which received backing from the Sunday Mail newspaper, urged all treatment using such devices to be suspended.

Ms McTaggart, who is a member of the Public Petitions Committee, said “Having been a member of the Public Petitions Committee for two years, this petition was the most horrifying I have come across. This is not just a Scottish issue, but an International one in which thousands of women will be affected.

These procedures have had a devastating impact on women’s lives and I pay tribute to both Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy who worked so hard to ensure this petition was heard and who presented such a powerful and moving argument. They have put forward an overwhelming case outlining the clear flaws with this procedure.  

It is now down to the Scottish Government to finally take note of the evidence presented by these women and the growing evidence from around the world and suspend the use of this procedure in Scotland until we have a full and clear understanding of its use.” 

The Official Report from the 11th Meeting of the Public Petitions Committee on Tuesday 03 June 2014 can be read here.

You can watch the presentation of the petition to the Committee in this video from 54.25 onwards:

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