Anne McTaggart backs ‘Care. Fair. Share’ Campaign

Care Fair Share

Glasgow Labour MSP Anne McTaggart has pledged her support to the Scottish Youth Parliaments ‘Care. Fair. Share’ campaign for financial support for young carers.

There are estimated to be over 100,000 young carers in Scotland, or 10% of the school-aged population. These young people experience several challenges and disadvantages that many of their peers do not due to the demands of education, jobs, personal relationships, and caring. Young carers must make difficult sacrifices and compromises due to their caring responsibilities and, frequently, the financial strain this causes. While young carers save the Government an annual £1.6 billion, financial difficulties often inhibit or prevent a young person from excelling in their education.

The campaign is asking the Scottish Government for concessionary travel for all young carers, that young carers be given mandatory flexibility in regards to their Educational Maintenance Allowance and for young carers to be recognised by SAAS as a vulnerable group and be given access to additional bursaries

Following a meeting about the campaign with Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Glasgow Kelvin Gary Patterson (pictured), Ms McTaggart said “I am delighted to back the SYPs ‘Care. Fair. Share’ campaign. I am all too aware of the massive contribution young carers make to our society, often making big sacrifices in their own lives in order to look after a loved one. Indeed just this week I questioned the Minister for Youth Employment Angela Constance on what level of financial assistance the Scottish Government have made available to assist young carers to progress from further education courses to undergraduate-level qualification (her response can be read here.)

I have always been a keen admirer of the work done by the SYP and this is another campaign which is addressing the real issues that young people face. I wholeheartedly support the objectives of the campaign, and hope that the changes can be made to the system that will allow young carers to live a life as free from stress and financial hardship as possible.”

For more information about the campaign visit

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