McTaggart Says Scottish Government Should Review Current Systems of Procurement

Anne McTaggart MSP has encouraged the Scottish Government to review the current systems of procurement, which she believes “are failing enterprise, failing communities and failing the taxpayer”.

Ms McTaggart was speaking in a debate on Procurement in the Scottish Parliament yesterday (17th April 2013).

The Scottish Government’s procurement bill offers parliament an opportunity to stand up for businesses that until now have been unable to bid for lucrative public sector contracts. Anne stated that the Scottish Government should seek to invest in those communities that stand to benefit from providing goods and services to public bodies and can grow their business to employ greater numbers of workers in Scotland.

Anne McTaggart MSP said:

“If this Scottish Government were to better prioritise pay and conditions of staff as a key criteria in the procurement process, entire communities would be better off as a result.

“Though the Scottish Government has ruled out supporting legislation for a living wage, this would have made it easier to avoid those situations where the working conditions of employees are compromised in order to achieve the most competitive tender.

“Further, our procurement process should in the future seek to exclude those companies who have sought to evade their responsibility as employers, and those who have acted illegally to conspire against employees active in trade unions.

“I urge the cabinet secretary to ensure that the procurement bill better addresses the concerns of Scottish business and makes it easier for small companies to access the often complex bidding process within public sector organisations.”

– You can watch Anne’s contribution at 1.07.50 here

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