Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart has called on the Scottish Government to accelerate infrastructure spending in Glasgow. Speaking in yesterday’s debate on employability, Ms McTaggart spoke about the need to invest in jobs as a way of kick starting the city’s economy.

Ms McTaggart focussed on the need to find modern solutions to combat the city’s problems regarding unemployment. At present the city suffers a 10.9% unemployment rate, in comparison to 8.2% for the rest of Scotland.

Speaking in the chamber of the Scottish Parliament, Ms McTaggart said:

“At present Glasgow is facing challenges in every sector of the job market. As cuts from Westminster and Holyrood start to hit the city, it is imperative that we have strategies in place to allow the city to cope.

“We cannot let the mistakes of the past to be repeated, where young people were thrown on the scrapheap and others never worked again, falling into the trap of benefits. Therefore it is vital that the Scottish Government continues to do what it can to stop history repeating itself.”

Ms McTaggart called on the Scottish Government to release funding for the Dance School of Scotland, which is based at Knightswood Academy. An investment of £4.5 million would see a new residence building for students and the creation of local jobs.

Ms McTaggart noted: 

“A greater capital investment spend in projects such as the Dance School of Scotland would have a major impact on Glasgow’s economy. It would kick start the city’s construction industry, and stimulate the local economy.

“We all want to see employability improve in Scotland. I urge the government to consider taking these steps to allow Glasgow’s economy to flourish, therefore allowing the city to avoid the issues that have so blighted its past.”

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