Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart has called for provisions to ensure that Glasgow is part of a new drive for community empowerment and renewal.

Speaking today in the Community Empowerment and Renewal Consultation debate, Ms McTaggart said that while community empowerment had been successful in rural areas, it now needs to be encouraged in urban areas like Glasgow.

Ms McTaggart praised Glasgow City Council in in its work to encourage community empowerment.  She spoke of the good work achieved by the council’s Stalled Spaces initiative, which last week won the top prize for Community Involvement at the Scottish Awards for Quality Planning. 

Ms McTaggart noted:  Glasgow City Council has been putting localism and Labour values into action. Stalled Spaces is a real achievement for the council and Glasgow but most importantly the local community.”

Ms McTaggart also noted that for this initiative it be successful the government would have to ensure that a framework was put in place to encourage activists to engage in community empowerment.  She also stressed that training must be put in place for communities to allow projects to flourish.

Speaking in the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament, Ms McTaggart said:  “Labour will want to see this Bill achieve is a real support for localism.  For this legislation to be successful there must be Community development courses in place to allow communities to be trained and for community initiatives to flourish. 

There are times at present when local community do not feel part of the decision making process determines what their communities actually look like.  The Scottish Government must be explicit to ensure this legislation empowers communities; otherwise it will be letting down the communities this legislation purports to represent.”

You can watch Anne’s contribution to Parliament in full online at 1:09.50 here.

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