Anne McTaggart MSP praised the work of Drumchapel Women’s Aid for their first class standard of service to women in need, and slammed the “postcode lottery” of crisis services due to cuts handed down to local councils by the Scottish Government.

Ms McTaggart was speaking in a members’ debate on the Zero Tolerance campaign in the Scottish Parliament yesterday (9th January).

The Drumchapel Women’s Aid centre – the first in Scotland based within a residential scheme – was established to assist women and families suffering from domestic abuse. It is the only service in Scotland that operates 24/7 and is currently providing crucial support to over 40 families every year. This resource, with the support of volunteers and community activists, provides women and children with a safe space in which to secure long term accommodation, receive medical treatment and build better lives away from abusive partners and destructive relationships.

Worryingly, many of the organisations and projects that support the work of Women’s Aid centres across Scotland are already at threat of closure and cannot rely on the consistency of funding from local government following severe budget cuts from this Scottish Government.

Anne McTaggart MSP said: “Every woman in Scotland should have access to the standard of services and the quality of resources that are provided by Women’s Aid in Drumchapel.

“It is not acceptable for abuse victims to be subject to a ‘postcode lottery’ of crisis services, dependent only on the resourcing of domestic abuse services in their area.”

Glasgow City Council will absorb a £153 million pound reduction to their budget over the next two years handed down by the Scottish Government this year, meaning that community organisations established to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault are at risk of cuts to resources, resulting in poorer services for the victims they work with.


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