Glasgow Labour MSP amends High Hedges Bill with Cross Party Support

Anne McTaggart MSP was successful in getting her amendment passed in the stage 3 debate on the High Hedges bill.

Ms McTaggart’s amendment was seeking to expand the definition of what is considered to be a ‘high hedge’ so that the bill will not be unnecessarily restrictive in its approach and will be able to offer remedies to those who are suffering from high hedge disputes, irrespective of the type of hedge or nuisance vegetation concerned.

Anne McTaggart MSP said: “I support the High Hedges bill as a means to resolving situations of community breakdown following a dispute over hedges in a neighbouring property. However, I do believe that this bill should be fit for purpose and offer a remedy to all those suffering from these issues. That is why I proposed this amendment and is why I believe strongly that it would increase both the scope and effectiveness of the bill.

“My amendment will enable the inclusion of deciduous species by default as it will exclude no species of shrub, tree or hedge from the bill. This means that homeowners suffering from high hedge disputes are more likely to be successful in achieving a resolution to neighbour disputes and will not be restricted from achieving such an outcome as a result of a subtle technicality.”


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