Anne McTaggart Says Scottish Government Must Do More to Reach Legally-Binding Climate Change Targets

Climate Action

Anne McTaggart MSP joined climate change activists from her constituency and beyond in the Scottish Parliament for the ‘Get your Act together!’ mass lobby and Twitter storm of the Parliament on Thursday 25th October.

A large number of constituents wrote to (and tweeted) Anne asking her to meet with them at the lobby, organised by one of Scotland’s largest civil society coalitions Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS).

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and thousands of supporters lobbied or strong legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland. In 2009 the Scottish Parliament passed the world’s strongest climate legislation: The Scottish Climate Change Act.

However, the SNP Government have failed to meet its first target to reduce emissions under the Act. Unless the Climate Act is followed through with action, our ‘world-leading’ example of how to tackle climate change will be undermined.

The Stop Climate Chaos mass lobby was an opportunity for people from all across Scotland to meet with their politicians in the Scottish Parliament and call on them to ‘Get their Act together’ and ensure the SNP Government delivers on the Scottish Climate Change Act.

Anne McTaggart MSP said; “I was delighted to join with climate change activists from Glasgow and across Scotland at the lobbying event organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

It is incredibly disappointing that the Scottish Government, in its attempt to reach its very first – very attainable – climate change target, has failed. It is clear to me and to all activists present that the Scottish Government must do much more to ensure that they reach legally-binding climate change targets.”


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