Anne McTaggart MSP Stands Up For Students

Anne McTaggart MSP criticised the Scottish Government for their cuts to further education in Scotland and called for greater support for those from deprived backgrounds, in a debate at the Scottish Parliament this week.

Ms McTaggart said: “For so many young people, a college education is both an opportunity to develop key life skills and a route into employment. With one in four young people out of work, it is important that we offer college courses that are relevant to future working lives, and that enable those from all backgrounds to achieve their educational goals    

The Glasgow MSP also expressed her concern about falling numbers of female students, and called for greater efforts to ensure that women were not excluded from opportunities in further education.

Anne McTaggart MSP said:”Fewer female students in further education is another concerning consequence of the Scottish Governments attack on colleges. Many women rely on courses that are flexible and can accommodate competing demands of family life and responsibilities.

“Tragically, this Scottish Government is making it harder for young people to progress into further education by cutting college budgets, and are penalising those who require more flexible part time studies by charging for access to these courses.”

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