Anne McTaggart MSP Hosts Better Together Campaign Day in Drumchapel

drumchapel campaigning

Anne McTaggart MSP hosted an incredibly successful Better Together campaign day in Drumchapel last week.

Anne was joined by local residents as well as those from across the country, all present to show their support for keeping Britain in the Union.

Anne and the team spent the day talking to Drumchapel residents about the benefits of saying yes to the union and no to separation.

Anne McTaggart MSP said; “I was delighted by the response from Drumchapel residents; of all we spoke to, the majority was overwhelmingly in favour of Scotland remaining in the U.K.

“The people of Drumchapel are no fools; they can see that Salmond’s obsession with separating the UK does not have the best interests of the Scottish people at heart. The SNP should start answering the questions on what an independent Scotland would look like – Scotland deserves the facts, not blind optimism.”

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