Anne McTaggart MSP Champions Local Charity

Barnardos visit

Today Anne McTaggart MSP volunteered her time to work in the Barnardo’s charity shop in Victoria Road, Southside. 

Barnardo’s works with some of the most vulnerable and deprived children in our communities, and campaigns to highlight issues such as child poverty and sexual abuse.

Barnardo’s relies on charity shops and the volunteers that run them to fund much of that work that they undertake. Anne is passionate about charities that support vulnerable young people and encourages others to give up just a few hours a month to support the work that they do.

 Ms McTaggart said “I fully support the aims of Barnardo’s and the invaluable work out that they carry out. I am proud that so many people in Glasgow are volunteering their time to this worthy cause and making this charity shop such a success.

“I believe that communities are stronger when local people come together to help those less fortunate. Barnardo’s charity shop on Victoria Road is a hub for so many volunteers and activists, and a fantastic example of how donating just a little of our time can make such a big difference to those most in need.”

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