Anne McTaggart MSP Celebrates Living Wage

Anne McTaggart MSP recognised the positive impact of the Glasgow Living Wage and called for its application across the public, private and voluntary sectors in a debate at the Scottish Parliament yesterday.

 Anne highlighted the record of Glasgow City Council as the first local authority in Scotland to implement the change and called on other public bodies to follow suit.

The Glasgow MSP said: “The impact of the Living Wage of £7.50 per hour for those households on the lowest incomes will be immeasurable. Too many families are suffering in-work poverty, and this increase can mean the difference between meeting the monthly bills and falling deeper and deeper into debt.

“It is right to support our most vulnerable working people through these tough economic times and it is right that we boost our economy by ensuring our wealth is in the hands of the many – not the few”.

Anne called on the Scottish Government to support the ‘Living Wage Bill’ proposed by Labour MSP John Park which would require the Scottish Government to take specific steps to introduce the Living Wage in communities all across Scotland.

Ms McTaggart added: “Alongside other key measures, the Living Wage has already, and will continue to provide working families in Scotland with financial security in difficult times.

“I believe that the Living Wage can be a significant factor in tackling the root causes of poverty and disadvantage in our society.”

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