Anne McTaggart MSP Campaigns for Organ Donation Reform

Anne McTaggart MSP has called for the Scottish Government to introduce an ‘Opt-Out’ register for organ donation in a debate at the Scottish Parliament last week.

Anne championed the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde ‘Respect My Dying Wish’ campaign and the Evening Times ‘Opt for Life’ campaign in calling for tough action to be taken to resolve the growing organ donation crisis in Scotland.

Ms McTaggart said: I believe that many more Scots than are currently on the organ donor list would be in favour of registering and may have not yet done so as a result only of a lack of information or the time constraints of leading busy and active lives.

“Studies have shown that around 90% of Scots would be happy to sign up to donate, yet only 40% are currently on the register. This shows that there is popular support for organ donation in Scotland and recognition of the profound difference that donations can make to the lives of others”.

Ms McTaggart spoke about the difficult situations of those currently on the list for a transplant operation, and that an Opt-Out system was a necessary measure to tackle this devastating reality. Anne McTaggart said: It is clear that we have a crisis in organ donation in Scotland, and tough decisions have to be made to rectify the unsustainable numbers of potential donors compared with those awaiting transplant operations.

“An opt-out system would act as a prompt for those who are currently in favour of registering to have this process completed for them, and would undoubtedly save many lives as result. This is a radical solution to a desperate situation and I believe a necessary step in tackling the tragic shortage of organs available for transplant in Scotland”.

To read the Evening Times coverage of the debate, click here.

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