Anne McTaggart MSP calls for support for Scouts in Scotland

Yesterday Anne McTaggart MSP took part in a debate celebrating the Scouting Association and the contribution of their volunteers in Scotland.

She congratulated the 5th Fife Scout Group in Kirkcaldy on winning the title ‘Scotland’s National Camping Champions 2012’ and thanked all those who played a part in making the competition such a success.

Anne said “The Scouting Association is a powerful illustration of the reality that education is so much more than textbooks and times-tables, and I believe we should be offering all young scots this kind of excellent extra-curricular opportunity”.

Anne also called on the Scottish Government to properly support the volunteers that dedicate their time and energy to the Scouts and other community-based organisations.

She said “Given the absolutely vital role that volunteers play in the lives of young people in Scotland, it is right that this kind of work should be fully and sustainably funded, and that volunteers should never go unrecognised or be out of pocket as a result of contributing their time and energy to our communities”.

Anne also spoke in the chamber of the inspirational work of the Glasgow Disabled Scouting Association and said “I am humbled by the work of our ‘77th Disabled Scout Association’. This local group provides boys and young men from the ages of 8 to 25 with physical disabilities the chance to take part in outdoor adventure activities and international excursions. The vital work carried out by the Glasgow Disabled Scout Group is undertaken by volunteers, who deserve to be recognised for their invaluable contribution to the young people they work with”.


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