Anne Backs One Fair Wage Campaign

one fair wage

Anne McTaggart MSP has welcomed the launch of the Scottish Youth Parliament’s One Fair Wage campaign, which calls on politicians, businesses, councils and charities to pledge their support for a Scottish living wage.

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of young people between the ages of 14 and 25. After their hugely successful ‘Love Equally’ campaign, lobbying the Scottish Government on the issue of marriage equality, members at their June sitting in Glasgow voted for One Fair Wage to be their new flagship campaign.

Anne McTaggart MSP said; “I congratulate the Scottish Youth Parliament for once again highlighting an issue that is important not only to young people but to people in Scotland of all ages.

“I share their belief that everyone in Scotland, no matter how old they are, should earn at least a living wage and that it should be based on the cost of living.

“John Park MSP is carrying out fantastic work on the subject, including a consultation on a proposed bill on the Living Wage. I would encourage everyone to respond to it positively.”

The Members of Scottish Youth Parliament will spend the rest of this year trying to get as many people and organisations as possible to pledge their support.

 Michael Low MSYP, Jobs and Economy Convener for the Scottish Youth Parliament said; “1 in 4 children in Scotland live in poverty, and 57% of them have working parents; it is clear that in-work poverty is a massive problem, and the Living Wage would go a long way to tackling it.

“MSYPs have already been busy getting people to pledge their support to our One Fair Wage campaign. It’s great that Anne has put forward this motion, as we need the help of politicians to make the Living Wage possible.”


To respond to John Park MSP’s consultation, click here.
To read Anne’s parliamentary motion in full, click here.

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