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Anne McTaggart MSP called on the Scottish Government to raise lorry speeds in Scotland to match plans for England and Wales.

McTaggart was speaking in a debate on the ‘50 Miles Per Hour campaign’ brought to parliament by Labour colleague David Stewart MSP.

The proposition to increase the speed limit for HGV’s on single carriageways from 40mph to 50mph has been welcomed by the UK government and it is the subject of a Government Consultation Document in England. It has also gained the approval of the AA and the Institute of Advanced Motorists who have welcomed it as a “common sense move” which would be welcomed by drivers.

Anne McTaggart MSP said: “One such advantage is the reduction of both congestion and frustration on our roads. A common problem on many long-distance rural roads is that large numbers of cars that can potentially drive faster are often stuck behind HGVs who are sticking to the limit. This leads to frustration for drivers who often attempt extremely dangerous overtaking manoeuvres which can often lead to fatalities. It has been argued that the proposals will mean that these platoons of traffic will be less likely to attempt such manoeuvres and in turn lead to fewer accidents.

McTaggart continued: “The proposals will lead to a more levelled playing field for freight operators. Government figures suggest that 70% of UK lorry traffic exceeds the current speed limit. In an industry that is well-known for being time sensitive, this gives these drivers an unfair advantage over those who follow the law.”


1) You can watch Anne’s contribution to the debate at 11:26 here
2) Read coverage of the debate in the Scotsman here
3) For any further information or questions, contact Rae Cahill on 0141 218 4647
4) Picture copyright BBC website

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